Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picture Dump: Hirshhorn

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to the Hirshhorn with my best friend from high school and one of her friends. My friend was an art major in college and a talented artist, and I loved going with her because she knew a lot about different sculptures and artists. I also liked going with her because we can still be silly and make each other laugh. And she has the same confusion as I do about a lot of modern "art" pieces, and all three of us tended to dislike/mock/ponder the same ones.

Stamp carousel. I worked at a library in college and we had a smaller carousel with stamps for the books. Yeah, I'm weird, this sculpture made me dorkily happy.

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down:

I thought it looked like a Dalek. Genie decided it was a "penguin of death." Read the explanation on the plaque, turns out it was modeled on a penguin. That's why she was the art major.

The main reason we went was to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibit. She had some interesting stuff, some crazy, and a lot of big metal spiders in cages. (But the guards caught me before I could take any pictures of those.)

Silver surfboard type things surrounded by chairs, intended for people to sit and ponder their reflections, except you weren't actually allowed to sit and ponder.

My favorite, though I can't remember the name. But it had to with how people used to classify women as "hysterical" when they were just having typical human emotions or reactions. Feminist statement, hell yes.

And that's all. I do occasionally get some culture.

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