Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mighty Life List

About a year ago I began reading the blog Mighty Girl. It’s written by Maggie, a San Francisco-based journalist. She is a really good writer with a great sense of humor and outlook on life. Maggie has what she calls a Mighty Life List, which is 100 things she wants to do before she goes. Basically a bucket list, but with a lot of just general life-improving and life-empowering items. 

I’ve had a bucket list in my head for years, and finally wrote down some of the items in a draft email last year. But after a friend more or less “finished” writing her MLL, I was finally inspired to sit down and itemize and categorize mine.

Now, as Ms. Over Achiever, I’m incredibly, incredibly wary of putting my goals and hopes and dreams and plans out there for all to see knowing that I may never complete them. Let me repeat that: I might not complete everything on my list. And that’s ok. It doesn’t mean I’m a failure. No, really, it’s ok. (Maybe if I repeat that enough I’ll actually start to believe it one day.)

While I’m not ready to share my full list yet/ever, I am ok sharing bits and pieces of it, starting with a few items already crossed off.

(I let myself retroactively add and cross off items if they were things I’d always wanted to do and if, when I did them, had thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve always wanted to do this, now I can cross it off the [hypothetical] list.”)

All of these are from the “Just Fun” category.

88. Catch the bouquet at a wedding.

Completed at my sister’s wedding in October 2008.

91. Eat gelato on the Spanish Steps in Rome (as in Roman Holiday.)

Completed on my trip to Rome in Summer 2005.

96. Play in a fountain.

Completed on one of the most perfect days of my life in May 2006. (If you look closely at the picture you can see me and Brandie running for the center of the fountain.)


104. Try out for Jeopardy.

Attempted/completed in August 2005. Jeopardy came to UNC (and State and Duke) to audition contestants for a college tournament they were filming in Raleigh. I made it past the first round but missed the second round because my professor, despite it being the first day of classes, kept my class the full hour and a half. I did, however, attend a taping of one of the shows at the RBC Center a few months later.

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