Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I Should Stop Buying: Chapstick

For as long as I can remember, I’ve needed chapstick. There’s just no way around it. I NEED chapstick. But do I really NEED all the ones I have?

Once I gathered all the ones around my room and in my purse, and placed them in my designated chapstick jar, I couldn’t get the lid on. Time to clean house.


And this doesn’t include any lip glosses or lip sticks, of which I probably only own about 10. It also doesn’t include the 6-10 chapsticks in my desk drawer. Oops.

All of them laid out, nice and pretty. I think there’s about 40 here, though I tossed a few more after taking this picture.

I’m definitely missing some Burt’s Bees, as my favorite is the pomegranate and that is mysteriously missing. I used to use Softlips exclusively in high school, and I still purchase them occasionally for nostalgic reasons. But, my absolute favorite, are the three at bottom center, my Bebe from Germany. My friend got me hooked on these and when I went to Germany I bought probably 10. They lasted for awhile but I have since had to have other friends procure the goods for me when they go.

All cleaned up, with the lid on. Which just means I can go buy more!

Some people call this an addiction, and that’s fine. When you consider all the things I could be addicted too, especially considering how all or nothing I am in general, I think an addiction to chapstick is perfectly ok.

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