Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lists of Things

Things about leaving DC that give me a thrill:
• Putting my metro card, work door pass, and work key away, knowing I won't need them for 2 weeks.
• Knowing I won't need my metro or bus apps or bookmarked metro and bus web sites for 2 weeks.

Things I'll miss about D.C.:
• My queen bed

Things I hate about travelling:
• My inability to not overpack. (Two suitcases, a book bag, and a purse=100 lbs. of stuff.)
• The travelling public and their inconsiderate slow walking and over sharing phone conversations.

Things I'm looking forward to at home:
• Reclining couches
• Wedding soup
• My parents
• Spending potentially days in my pajamas and glasses without brushing my hair or putting on makeup.
• Spending an hour travelling and ending somewhere that's more than just 10 miles away.

Things I'm looking forward to about my 2 days in Chapel Hill:
• Everything

Things I'm not looking forward to at home:
• Turning almost 30.

The thing I hate most about Union Station:
• The pigeon that just waltzed on by like it belongs here.

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