Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Wee Bit of Wii

My brother finally relinquished his Wii to me last year. (He had a new system and never played it, it's not like I beat him to get it.) However, I only ever use it to stream Netflix. But since the ladies and I wanted to get together before Karey left for work travel, and none of us really felt like going out, a Wii night in it was! K and I picked up Bojangles from Union on the way to Brandie's, we all changed into comfy clothes, and then settled in for a night of carbs, wine, and Wii.

Karey didn't have a system growing up and Brandie played Super Nintendo more, so it was up to me to school the ladies in the ways of the original Super Mario Brothers. And by "school" I mean, despite still knowing all the shortcuts, die repeatedly as I screamed obscenities and tried to still my rapidly beating heart.  And the stress only ratcheted when B played due to her refusal to hit every coin. Seriously, who just speeds by perfectly good coins?

After Mario, Mario 2, and a few random games, we found an air hockey game we all liked. Though, as you can tell from the pictures, Karey casually dominated at it. I mean, look, Brandie and I are standing up, half-hunched over, and Karey is just sipping her wine on the couch as she destroys us. That's cold.

After the more active games we settled in for what would end up being a very long game of LIFE. Which I won.

I don't think we'll be totally eschewing brunches and dinners and drinks, but it's nice to know we can always spend a night together in our PJs sucking at Wii.

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