Friday, November 09, 2012

Worth It

I constantly find myself mentally defending some of my purchases. Like why pay ~$8 for a bottle of Essie nail polish when a bottle of Wet 'n Wild is $1? It's because I know that Essie's brush is the perfect size for my narrow nails, the consistency is fine, and their range of vibrant colors is un-matched

A few weeks ago, Gloria directed me to this blog post about small things worth paying for. Then she wrote about the things she will and won't pay for. Now I'm doing the same. I've been working on it for awhile because it's more thought provoking than I expected. And this could very well become a series as I inevitably think of more as soon as I push "publish."

Life's too short to not pay for:
  • Essie nail polish
  • Theatre tickets
  • Bikini waxes
  • Victoria's Secret bras
  • Eyebrow threading
  • Heinz ketchup
  • Re-heeling good shoes
  • Goody ponytail holders
  • Books
  • Spray starch

Life's too long to pay for:
  • Any piece of jewelry that I could make myself
  • Bottles of wine that cost more than $12
  • Magazines without a subscription
  • Name-brand cheese
  • 99% of food at Whole Foods
  • Non-drugstore brand mascara
  • Expensive tights or pantyhose
  • Hardcover books
  • Full-priced DVDs
  • Hot tea at any Starbucks or coffee shop

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