Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Practically Perfect Badass

It's only two weeks after the day, but I put it on the to-blog list, so by golly here it is, my work Halloween costume.

At the suggestion of my friend, Sasha, and this inspiration, I set out to re-create Mary Poppins.

Now, lest ye think this costume flies right in the face of Operation: Badass, let me point out some reasons Ms. Poppins is quite the badass herself:
  • She doesn't take any crap from Mr. Banks and his sexist ways.
  • She does what she wants with the kids.
  • Jumping into chalk paintings and dancing with penguins=acid trip
  • Spoonful of sugar=some sort of downer drug
  • Mrs. Banks is a suffragette and you know Mary was, too.
  • She's a free spirit who doesn't let herself get too attached, once the wind changes, she's gone.
  • Burt is clearly in love with her but she just keeps him as her friend. While using him for acid.
  • She is a master of the exasperated look and eye roll.

Now that that's out of the way, this is me channeling the ultimate badass:

And her accessories. (The hat caused a lot of hot glue gun grief and I hate that you can't see it in the above picture. I'm still waiting for coworkers to post their pictures.)

I think it's easy to put together a costume if you want to spend a little cash. But I set out to do this one for $20 or less, just because I love a good shopping challenge and really don't like Halloween. And I was able to accomplish this. (More or less.)

Shirt: $3, thrift store (This was so perfect and I hope to figure out a less uptight way to wear it.)
Skirt: $2.50, thrift store
Hat: $6, Target/homemade
Daisies and berries: $4, AC Moore/homemade
Bow tie and belt: $4, AC Moore/homemade
Bag, shoes, tights: Already owned (Bag was a tote bag of Mom's that I re-constructed.)
Umbrella: $13, Target (Mom paid so it doesn't count in total.)
Total: $19.50

Not too shabby. Plus, I was one of the costume winners at work so I'll get a nice lunch out of the deal, too.

Now that I've channeled both Mary/Julie and Holly/Audrey, what 60s era leading lady shall I do next year?

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