Monday, June 02, 2008

Day 154: Shocking, more new food

What a whirlwind weekend. Even with an extra day - I took Friday off - it still went too quickly and Monday came too soon.

But when I got home tonite, I resisted the urge to fall face first onto my bed, and instead made myself a semi-real dinner, a chicken, bacon and cheese panini, my first panini that didn't involve pepperoni and mozzarella.
I saw a Jamie Oliver cooking show last week where he said everyone should have puff pastry in their freezer. I have ice cream cake from my birthday (in January), brussel sprouts, and some bread that is more brick-like than bread-like. But my panini was comprised of things I already had, just sitting in my refrigerator. The chicken expired today, the pita bread has been in my refrigerator a long time, and the cheese is on its way out, but it was still good. And I think it's far more likely more people identify with my type of cooking, than Jamie and his puffy pastries. I'm ready for my own cooking show, Food Network.

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