Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 171: Milli, really?

First, pictures added to three Jan-in-DC posts, thanks to Jan's pictures:

Day 151: "See? Drama!" (Harry, SATC)
Day 152: Heartbreak Hotel
Day 153: "Washington isn't a city, it's an abstraction." (Dylan Thomas)

And today's new thing:
A few weeks ago, much to my chagrin and astonishment, I learned that rap music makes me approximately 48.2% more productive at work. (Completely made up stat, by the way.) Beastie Boys, Nelly, a little Kanye, helps me focus and get things done. In an effort to expand my rap collection beyond the limited supply on my iPod, I've been searching for new, non-sexist and non-offensive music. (Hard, very hard to do.)

Someone who most definitely does NOT fit into these categories: Lil' Wayne. I heard my first song by this "musician," and "artist," and I do not feel the need to repeat it, ever. I simply do not understand how he managed to sell 1 million albums in a week. As I told my friend, Karey, he looks and sounds like a homeless man they just pulled in off the street. This is the reason why the only rap I've listened to for the past 10 years has been the Beasties. But the search will continues, if for no other reason than to prove Mr. Wayne wrong.

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