Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 168: Just another manic Monday

Aim, coordination, poise. Not exactly synonyms for "Bonnie." At least, not this Bonnie. And yes, normally lack of these qualities prevents me from partaking in endeavors that require any or all of them. Any sport. Dancing. Walking in a straight line without tripping/falling. Darts. Especially darts.

Sharp, pointy projectile+girl with bad aim=trip to emergency room and a lawsuit

Unless they are office-darts, fashioned with a pushpin, pencil, and post-it notes. I winded down after a long day by repeatedly throwing my office dart at my bulletin board. Too lazy to print out a dartboard, I just had fun dodging the pictures on my board, avoiding darting a Beatle, Eli Manning, or Anderson. (I got George Harrison's foot once, but he still made it across Abbey Road.)

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