Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Years

In 2000 I...
  • Turned 16
  • Was a sophomore in high school
  • Lived at home with my parents, younger brother, and our dear dog Peanut (who died later that year)
  • Dreamt of being a student at UNC
  • Wanted to one day live in Paris or New York
  • Was entering year 2.5 of braces
  • Was not driving
  • Thought I'd become a lawyer
  • Wanted to be married by 25
  • Loved NSYNC
  • Had a core group of friends, and two really "best" friends
  • Wanted to be an adult
In 2010 I...
  • Turned 26
  • Am approaching my 2 year anniversary at my current job
  • Live in an apartment on Capitol Hill with a roommate
  • Am a UNC alum!
  • Have been to Paris, New York, and many other places, and lived in London
  • Have straight teeth
  • Still don't drive
  • Want to go to grad school for...something
  • Refuse to marry before 30 and even then...
  • Still love NSYNC, and they will reunite one day, but my heart lies with U2 now
  • Have a core group of friends, but from college. Still talk to the two high school "best" ones, though.
  • Am not at all interested in this whole "adult" thing

Part of a school portrait I had done with my best friend. Yes, it has been 10 years, but I'm still incredibly self-conscious about the teenage years so this is the best I'm willing to share, a photo of a photo, the only one from 2000 I have with me.

Opening gifts on my 26th birthday. Thank goodness I grew out those bangs. Boobs stayed the same size, though.

Maybe pulling out the 2000 photo wasn't so bad. I'm still all kinds of awkward, but I had a Snickers bar tonite, something I couldn't do when I had braces. It's all ok in the end.

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