Sunday, January 24, 2010

London Calling, Literally

There have been some changes at my work in the past month, one of which is that we now get paid twice a month instead of just once. In other words, I guess I'm like the 99% of the rest of the world and their bi-monthly pay schedule. Boring. The thing is, I complained about it often the past two years. Like when it got down to the end of the month and I had to choose between eating, and not eating. But now, of course, I actually miss getting just the one lump sum at the beginning. The grass is always greener...

So Friday was payday which in my world, no matter how hard I try to fight it, always means shopping! Though I did fight it Friday, at least. I was ready to head to Target after work for some true necessities -- seriously, like laundry detergent and face wash -- but then I got sidetracked by happy hour which got a bit too happy. And as much fun as it might be to shop at Target tipsy, I headed home instead. Which was probably a good idea since when I went Saturday they had something like this:

A foot-tall London phone booth replica. Had I gone Friday after two glasses of wine, you know I would be the proud owner of one. I still might be the proud owner, actually, because I think it's quite cute. Except what I'm really holding out for is the real thing, a la How I Met Your Mother.

They say landlines are dead, and I don't have one now, but if I had this, well actually, I still wouldn't have a landline. But I would just sit inside with my cell phone and be happy. Because London phone booths make me very happy.

Requisite tourist shot. London 2005.

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