Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Soapbox

I've been congested for nearly two weeks now. It started as a terribly runny nose that I thought would lead to a cold, but has instead clung to me this past week as severe congestion. I couldn't sleep Monday or Tuesday night, before finally finding some nighttime medicine that worked and knocked me out the past two nights. (Which was especially nice when I missed the end of that dreadful basketball game on Wednesday.)

I've gone through two boxes of tissues, one at work and one at home, and I know my office is tired of hearing me blow my noise, sniffle, and groan, "Ugh I just want to breathe!" And yes, I should probably think about going to the doctor, but I hate doctors.

I am going to let this not-a-cold die out, I hope, and plan on taking it easy this weekend, for the most part. Going through my financial papers, clearing out at least two-feet of magazines, and maybe a movie.

Oh, how exciting, the life of a 20-something!

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