Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Soapbox

Things that broke my heart this week:
  • Massachusetts. Oh, Mass. You talk funny and now you vote funny. This just makes me sad on many levels.
  • Carolina basketball. Already mentioned, see post below.
  • NBC.Team Conan all the way! WTF, NBC? I've never found Leno funny and I just don't get the appeal.
  • And related, Jay Leno to host White House Correspondent's Dinner. Again, I repeat, WTF? I just don't find him funny. And that "heh heh" chuckle thing he does makes my skin crawl; I don't trust it.
  • John Edwards. Yes, I highly doubt anyone on the planet doubted he was the father. But still, I used to really admire him and appreciate what he stood for. Or should I say "stood" for since I'm not sure if I believe anything he's ever said now. And of course the fact that he's a Carolina boy makes it even worse.

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