Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scenes from my 'hood

When cleaning photos off my phone, I came across a few that had yet to be shared. Thus I present weird things around my apartment building.

I stepped off the elevator about 9 p.m. one night and saw this shopping cart in the hall. My apartment building is clean and tidy and in a good area so this was a bit odd. I'd expect this in my old neighborhood, where someone once pushed a diabetic kit through our mail slot, but not here.

While sitting in my living room one Saturday afternoon, watching TV, there were some loud noises outside. But since they've been working on some of the sidewalks they didn't bother me much. But then there was an especially loud bang and when I looked out the window there was this building, hovering in the air. My area's primarily residential but there is a school nearby and it looks like they are putting portables in.

Apparently Elmo lives in my neighborhood. So that's cool. It was late or else I may have been tempted to look for him. And maybe punch him because I'm a Grover girl.

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