Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I Don't Find Annoying This Week

Some good things I'm thinking about this week:

  • I missed the awesome Women's World Cup game on Sunday but have seen the replay and was able to catch the last half of today's game. So proud of U.S. women and in particular the Tar Heels on the team.
  • Thanks to the odd beauty of Twitter I've re-connected with an old, very good friend. And this makes me very happy.
  • The next book I'm going to read is a Diana Vreeland biography. I'm not really into the book I'm currently reading but this is on the shelf to read next.
  • I'm headed west in a few weeks to San Francisco for a long weekend with a good friend and I'm getting very excited.
  • We had a huge storm today while I was at work and it was incredibly soothing to hear the rain pound on the windows and skylights. And even more soothing when it dropped the temperature by about 20 degrees.
  • There really are more things I don't find annoying than things I do find annoying but I'm stopping here because I'm tired.

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